Preparing Creaky Hardwood To Lay Floor On Top


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Preparing Creaky Hardwood To Lay Floor On Top

Help!...before I Go Any Further - I Read That If You Screw Down The Old Hardwood To The Joists It Will Stop The Creaking......i've Put A Few Screws In And It Doesn't Seem To Be I Need To Overdo It On The Screws????? We Are Preparing It To Lay A Laminate Floor Over Top.

Any Replies Appreciated!gi2
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Do you have access to see the joists? Are they in a crawlspace? If you have access you may need to shim between the floor and the joist as the gap may be to big. Also the floor may be sagging and need to be jack-up and supported. This is all guesswork without seeing the problem and i'm also giving you possibilities that are worst case scenarios but commonly found.

You could just need more screws.
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Thanks Arkon

I only have access to a very small area and we are doing the whole main floor. Guess the only thing to try is more screws!! I just thought I'd ask before I really make a wild design of screws.....thanks again
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Unless your hardwood floor is completely ruined don't put screws in it. Find a way to fix it from below. Those screws will ruin every board you punch through.
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I've heard that you can try lubricating between the boards with something like talcum powder. Might not be a permanent fix though.
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It most likely is the subfloor to the joists. Nails tend to back out and loosen over time. The wood rubbing up and down on the nail is the cause of most all squeaks.

If you can get a screw through the flooring, the subfloor and into the joist is going to be your best bet.

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