Laminate Flooring Scratching!


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Laminate Flooring Scratching!

About a month ago, we installed Shaw laminates in our house. We chose the Costa Rica floors in Merlot Cherry. On the Shaw website they retail for $5.00-$5.49 /sq ft. We paid less than this (they're around $3.50 in the store)....anyway, they are scuffing and scratching like no tomorrow! I'm sooo disappointed. We chose laminate b/c of the durability, but it seems like we can't even walk across the floor without a scuff. We have 2 small children and a dog (which is why we were told to go with laminate vs. hardwood), so at the rate we're going these floors are going to be trashed in a year. Anyone else experience this? Anything I can do? I'm angry! Thanks.
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I understand your anger on this one. Let's see if we can figure out what's going on. First off- Laminate are not scratch proof. They are scratch resistant and Shaw's warranty actually excludes scratches, dents and gouges. Great huh?

Are you actually getting scratches? Do they wipe off if you rub them hard? I have been on several claims where the dogs are said to be scratching the laminate when in fact the dog's nails are being ground down by the laminate and leaving filing marks. If not that...

Contact Shaw and talk to them... kindly. In fact call Shaw from the retailer that you bought the laminate from and have them put it on speaker so the manager and you can figure it out in one meeting. Explain what is going on with the finish and ask what to do next. A claim should start just to check it out. Have a new board and a damaged board available to the inspector that's comes to your house. Shaw has a lab and they can test for finish durability.

If things don't go your way in the claim the only thing left is to hire your own independant inspector and pay them for their opinion. Find a good one and expect to pay well for their services. You want someone that has laminate experience. If they say there is nothing you can do- believe it. This is the process. Ask any questions you like.
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Never pay an inspector for his hired gun opinion!!!!

You pay an inspector to document the FACTS and his conclusion is fact based and never an opinion.
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No doubt you would not want a hired gun. And your right that inspectors should be documenting facts with conclusions based on facts.

But the complaint process i outlined is not incorrect. If the mill's independant inspector (you know they occationally have hired guns too) writes a bad or incomplete report and the mill claim is denied. What would you do? Homeowners usually do not get the full reports or an explaination. Just a letter stating the decision. Maybe a brief explanation.

If it was worth the costs involved, having my own expert explaining the situation to me(as the homeowner) would help me decide whether or not i wanted to fight the mills decision.

What did i miss?
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Absolutely right.

When I do mill inspections, I get the endusers calling me weeks later wondering where my report is, and if I can send them a copy. I cannot do it as the mill owns my report and it is up to them to do what they want with it.

I've had lawyers badgering me for the report, I just tell them to go pound sand and hang up. It is up to them or the homeowner to commission their own independent inspector.

Sales reps from the manufacturers, are not inspectors, usually clueless and have a lot of bias towards their companies they work for.

Go to the NWFACP website, and find a certified independent inspector in your area. Expect to pay between $200-$500, or more for the inspection, including the written report.

I like doing inspections directly for home owners or building owners!!!

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We put the same type of Shaw laminate flooring, had the same result-if you look at it wrong it scratches.
I'm glad I spent hours putting 1500 sq ft of this stuff down to have it mark up easily.
Local seller we bought from is no help.
In fact in our master bedroom the flooring is deflecting under the bed support legs, this on top of a level concrete slab.
And don't drop anything on it or you will get a nice big gouge.
We have 2 dogs, no kids-we were told to buy this because of the dogs.
We put felt pads under all our furniture.
It might work ok with very light traffic but it does not hold up in the real world.

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Glad to hear some reviews of Shaw flooring. Seems like I've heard alot of complaints about it lately.

I'll give you my personal experience with laminate. I got Pergo Prestige Harvest Chestnut installed. I have dogs and two young children with all their toys and not a single scratch or scuff.

I clean the floor often, so it prevents dirt from grinding into the finish.
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Thanks for your help everyone. We actually bought the flooring from a flooring store in Dalton, GA. over the internet, as it was over $1/sq. ft. cheaper (even with shipping) than flooring stores here, but I'm going to shoot them an email letting them know what's going on. I'm also going to contact Shaw. But this flooring came highly recommended to us to hold up to the wear and tear of life with kids and a dog so it's frustrating.
We are getting some scratches, but it's mostly scuff marks. If you run a fingernail over it you can feel the grooves down into the laminate. They don't rub out no matter how hard I scrub. Ironic part is that it's not the dog scratching...I haven't seen any sort of mark that looks like it came from the dogs nails. It appears to be coming from things like plastic--our plastic garbage can left a number of scuffs until I put a rug under it, the kids plastic toys are scuffing it, the plastic castors on a coffee table are scuffing (and Shaw's warranty sheet says seamless plastic castors are ok). An old wood rocking chair we have is marking the floor--it seems just the weight of someone sitting does it, not even rocking. I also have a large scratch from a crate that was sitting near the door--it must have gotten pushed a bit and it made a huge scratch along its path.
We also bought enough to put it in our master bedroom--we just haven't done it yet. I'm thinking I might be better off trying to sell the additional 200 sq. ft. we have!

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