Spot refinish


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Spot refinish


I have two areas where the ploy finish has worn off due to my dog and water. I believe the floor is made by bruce, its 3/4 strip and lastly I belive it natural so no stain?!

Can I sand these spots and refinish? Attached are two photos. The first picture is the damage and the second is the rest of the floor.

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You can try, but it will never match and it will peel if you go over an unsanded area, trying to feather it in.
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bringing this post up again for more opinions. Im looking for a cost effective way of fixing these two areas.
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Believe me, CarpetsDoneWright is a master in the trade. When he speaks, listen.

If you want to hear it again, touch ups on polyurethane never match. They tend to stick out like a sore thumb.
To do it right, would require refinishing the whole floor. Unless, you have spare boards or an inconspicuous place, such as in a closet, where you could rob boards to replace the affected ones. New boards can be installed where you robbed the boards.

Most cost effective approach. Put a piece of plastic felt-backed table cloth over the area to protect the floor from further damage from the dog's water bowl. Then, the problem is out of sight.

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