hardwood next to tile


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hardwood next to tile

I am planning on re-doing most of my first floor with 3/4" x 5" wide bellawood planks (over 1000sq ft) over wood subfloor over a basement. I want to tile my foyer and want to plan optimally to try and get a level finish between the two products. I had originally intended to start with the tile, and then do the hardwood in adjacent rooms, however I wondered if it would be wiser to do the wood, then tile to play with the height.

Also, I am wondering if the wood should butt next to the tile (I think not) or should I put grout or caulk between the two products? (I was thinking caulk).

I'm trying to avoid transition pieces... Any suggestions?
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Use a schluter tile edge metal designed to allow for expansion.

Tile first, as it is a wet installation, and wait before bringing the wood in to acclimate so the humidity created by the moisture introduced into the interior by the tile installation is gone, or the wood will gain that moisture and swell. Installing a swelled wood, leaves gaps later as it loses that moisture and shrinks.
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Thanks CDW, makes a lot of sense. Any suggestion about the transition? I know it will be difficult to get tile/wood perfectly level, but if I can feather up with felt, etc. I am going to try. If I can get them level to each other, should I put the wood right up to the tile, or leave a 1/4" gap for expansion? And if so, should I fill the gap with caulk? (even though this has moisture in it?)
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us e1/2 inch dura or backer board and you should have 3/4 inch finished height on the tile (unless you ar eusing more of a marble then it would be alittle ticker.....anyway, we usually find a paint store that mixes caulk they can scan a sample of your dryed grout and mix a tube of caulk to match then ues it btween the tile and wood, this give some elasticity to the joint when the wood moves seasonally.

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