where to start laying laminate floor?

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where to start laying laminate floor?

Question.... we are ready to start laying our laminate floor. My living room and hall area's shape to best describe it to you, looks like the state of Oklahoma. The hall area (WITH 5 DOOR WAYS) is the panhandle and the living area is the rest. My question ...... does it make any difference as far as ease of instalation,(the hall looks difficult) should I start on the northern wall of the living area, continue down the hall then finish out laying the living area or.....should I start on the southern border (of the living area) and work my way up and finish off going down the hall area last??? I really don't want a tran. piece between the living area and where the hall begins unless its you say its necessary, then I guess it wont make any difference which one I do first. Hope that made sence,Thanks !!!!
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I had the same situation . The easiest way to do it is to seperate them with T molding .Of course you wont have the continuos flow of the wood but you'll probably have less scrap and less cutting.
I chose to run mine continuos , i worked my way up to the hallway and had to rip the 4" planks when i got to it .I didnt remove the door moldings but i did remove the floor trim and i cut the moldings to slide the panels under.I had to very carefully drive 4 pre-cut planks from the living room down the hall into place.Some say it would have been alot easier to remove the door moldings etc... but i knew i could get it done
and not have to repaint everything . So my way was quicker but you have to be very carefull not to damage the finish.I lost 1 piece do to bulging of the finish.If i hadent allready replaced all the trim and painted a few months earlier i would have removed them.
You need to also measure from your start wall to the hallway and make sure you dont end up with a ripped piece of wood thats to small according to manufactures recomendation. This also conforms to the end wall of your living room . You dont want to small of a piece there iether So be sure to measure your main area first then adjust your cuts and measurements to accomidate your hallway.If it seems to confusing you can just do a lay out along the wall up to the hallway to your end wall and measure .
My situation was i had 4" planks and not to rip below 2 " thickness. Mine turned out fine i had 2 1/2" on each side of the hallway wall and 2" on my end wall . And to be honest with you its looks alot better running it continuos but it is more work.I also had another hallway off the main hallway and i will have to use a T molding there reguardless.But its not noticable from the living area .

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