Sqeaks in new Hardwood floor


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Sqeaks in new Hardwood floor

I recently installed 400sq ft of pre-finished 3/4" hardwood floor on top of 3/4 plywood.. There are about 3 or 4 spots where the floor is squeaking. What are the recommended steps to take to try and identify the source of the sqeaks and eliminate the squeaks from below?

There is an unfinished basement below this floor. In two of the spots I was able to wedge a 2x4 between the basement floor to make the squeak go away. Although I'd love to leave it like that and be done I can't. If this 2x4 wedge makes the squeak go away what can I do as a permanent solution. With the 2x4 in place I tried inserting short screws, in the area where the 2x4 wedges into the bottom of subfloor, in hope that it would go through subfloor and into the hardwood floor and eliminate the squeak. When I removed the 2x4 the squeak came back.

Please help!
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Sounds like the subfloor was not securedwith screws, before the new wood was installed, if a wdge works. Use the wedge and leave it there.

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