Can 1/4" foam rubber be used as underlay?


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Can 1/4" foam rubber be used as underlay?

I plan on installing 12mm laminate flooring. I've removed existing carpeting which was on 1/4" foam rubber which is on particle board overlay. Is it absolutely essential to remove the rubber (and the million staples) and replacing it with styrofoam underlay? The rubber seems to be in good condition.
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Hi Jaker,
You shouldn't use the rubber underlay since its designed for carpet not laminate,if you use the rubber underlay, your laminate floor will move when you walk on it, I suggest that you remove it and use the foam underlay, its designed for laminate and gives your floor a more solid feeling when you walk on it. Hope this helps.
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I agree that you want the extra rigidity of the styrofoam over the foam rubber.
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Originally Posted by mitch17 View Post
I agree that you want the extra rigidity of the styrofoam over the foam rubber.
Styrofoam under laminate? I just put down about 550 sq ft of laminate in my house. I looked at a lot of flooring and at a lot of stores before choosing what we did. I didn't see any place that had styrofoam underlayment...In fact, a lot of laminates had an attached underlayment that is like a foam rubber, although it isn't 1/4" thick.
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Use manufacturer's recommended underlayment, subfloor prep, vapor retarder, installation instructions, care and maintenance, etc. or warranties will be voided. Each manufacturer tends to have its own specifications and instructions.

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