does underlayment help avoid creaks?


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does underlayment help avoid creaks?

I used red rosin paper under 3/4" think santos mahogany in my dining room. I am about to move on to my living room, etc. I have a few slight creaks in the dining room, and am curious if a thicker underlayment would help prevent creaks, other than the red rosin paper I used in the dining room. 15 felt? 30 felt? LL's Dream Home insulayment? etc? or are these overkill and not helpful with creaks?

p.s. I spent alot of time getting my subfloor nice and flat, so I don't think it is that. No squeeks in the subfloor - this is the wood planks (5" wide) rubbing together...
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GOOGLE "anti-fracture membrane"
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15# minimum roofing felt is typically recommended as a vapor retarder and to prevent creaks. This will not address creaky subfloor.
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I checked it out, and it is very expensive! It also seems to be more for tile. Would this definitely help creaking specifically? What about other products, or will anything really help creaks? Is it overkill?
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Creaks are from movement, not what underlayment you used or not.

Creaks can be from a substrate, baseboards crammed tight to the floor, or HVAC ducts.

Wood shrinking and swelling, loosens the hold of fasteners over time and squeaks will appear.

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