Glue on wood removal


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Glue on wood removal

I layed down brazillian cherry (1/2 inch engineered) on my cement slab living room space, ~450 square feet.
Used bostik's best to glue slats instead of doing a floating floor.
Cleaned as I went along with mineral spirits, but lots of excess residue remains.
Over past ~2 months have been continuing to remove the excess glue from the wood with mineral spirits and it is taking forever/not working.
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i don't know that it will work. but try "brake cleaner". get it at walmart or an auto parts store. and don't buy the cheap stuff. test it on an unseen area first. i used it on my engineered oak and it had no effect on the wood, other than to get the offending stuff off.
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Bostick has cleaner wipes and a glue remover that workd the best brake cleaner honestly!! lets use the remover recomended by the manufacturer
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lol, byby hardwood, after only 2 posts, honestly !!

obviously you have never used brake cleaner. it is a wonderfull cleaner, IF USED PROPERLY.
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If you have a poly finish, acetone works without damaging finish. The secret ingredient in brake cleaner is acetone.
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Condo yeah i was banned after two posts because of my log in name lol to you and all the other diy people here this site claims to want people to contribute to HELP others recommending to use brake cleaner to remove glue that has been on a floor for 2 months is not good advice if you ask me i am sure i will be banned after this post as well for some other excuse... i will just read and chuckle at some of the things on here

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well woodman. what part of "i don't know that it will work" and "test it on an unseen area first" didn't you understand ? you sound like my "know it all" brother in law.

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