Help with pergo floor install


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Help with pergo floor install

I am in the process of installing a pergo floor and noticed a few issues or maybe not issues.

1. There are some areas where this is a small gap(barely visable, need to have light shining on it to see)between the planks. No matter how much I tapped the planks I could not get the gap to close.

2. I also have a few connection points where one plank is slightly raised compared to the one it is connecting to.

Are these true problems? Am I doing something wrong in the installation? or is this normal and I am just being too picky?
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I put Pergo in my kitchen 6 years ago, and the install was very tight. I was (still am) very happy with the product.

I put some Pergo "American Cottage" in my den last year, and I have what sounds exactly like what you are describing. There are a few places (mainly where the ends meet) where there are slight gaps, and also some boards that did not sit flush with the neighboring boards.

In my case neither has caused a problem, but if the the edge of a board sticks up where it will snag a dust mop, or your socks, then something is not right.

Keep the planks as clean as possible. What I mean is you do not want dirt, or wood chips, or anything, getting into the joints of the planks. One sand grain can cause a gap.

Hope this helps


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