Working line - sqaure room, or take from hall?


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Working line - sqaure room, or take from hall?

I have a long hall that goes from the front door to the living room where I am laying flooring. I am going to lay the flooring in the same direction as the hall (length), so when you look down the hall into the living room you will be looking with the lines of the wood.

Question is, what is the best method to ensure the lines are straight when I start my first row? Do I run a string down the middle of the hallway and into the living room to ensure when you look down the hall the wood looks straight, even if it is not 100% in the living room, or do I make sure its straight in the living room and not care how it looks from the hall?

Any links to setup the working line?
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What type of wood are you installing? 3/4" solid needs to be installed perpendicular to the joists. If installing parallel to joists, it is recommended that you install another 3/4" plywood substrate for strength. That's raising the floor another 3/4".

Without more details, it's difficult to provide accurate advice. I have, however, known installers who marked the line in the middle of the hall and proceeded installing from there into adjoining rooms. They chalked a line.

Here are instructions that include chalking a line next to the wall if starting there. The problem with these instructions is that they recommend a 3/8" expansion gap. Although with 3/4" solid hardwood, a 3/4" expansion gap is recommended, most installers have told me they go with 1/2". Check your installation instructions. There should be instructions in every box of flooring.

This discussion shows snapping a line in a hallway: Hardwood floors - multiple rooms? - The Best Information & Resources for Flooring Products and Services

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