Hardwood trim removal without damaging flooring beneath


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How to remove hardwood trim without damaging finished flooring beneath?

Good Morning,

New to the forum, first post. I have a ten pieces of 12"x12" grantite that were placed on top of the hardwood flooring and surrounded on three sides by wood trim (very small nails). The previous owner did this to put an electic fireplace on top against the back wall in the living room. I'd like to remove the trim (and the granite) without damaging the hardwood flooring beneath. Can anyone help me out? I appreciate any and all help. Can attach a picture if needed.

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How much damage to floor will depend on what was used to set the granite tiles. The installer may have simply used some type of adhesive. You won't know until you try to remove the tiles. If he used a cement-based product, it can be ground off and the whole room refinished. If some type of adhesive, then adhesive can be removed. Be prepared for some damage to finish. It could be that the installer, simply used silicone caulk as a temporary fix. That would be easy to just peel off the caulk.

To remove the trim, you can carefully pry off with small pry bar. Begin at the rear of the strips of molding, so in case you do make a small dent in the floor, it will be in a less noticeable area.
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Thank you very much, I appreciate the help.

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