Hardwood on OSB in Pacific NW


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Unhappy Hardwood on OSB in Pacific NW

I would like to use a 3/4" solid, Hickory T&G on 15#Felt over existing 3/4" OSB, bar graph moisture meter reads 12-14% now in cold, wet winter.

Problem, crawl space below gets some standing water even with sump pump during heavy rains in the Pacific NW-Seattle/Olympia area. It is insulated with only unfaced 8" fiberglass--no moisture barrier on underside of 2X8 floor joists (which rest on 4X8 beams on 4X4 pier posts on concrete pylons which are on 48" centers spaced 80" apart per rows running the long way of house). There is a 6mil vapor barrier on the bare earth, but without a foundation drain system, saturated soil in lawn causes water to run under footings from the hydrostatic pressure built up above the lot's hardpan three feet under the top soil. There are numerous 16"X8" foundation vents.
Please offer advice on: What is the maximum moisture level, change in seasonal amount allowed to do a solid wood floor?

What is an alternative moisture barrier on the OSB besides #15 felt that will preserve the new solid wood floor?

Is it practical to even think of using solid wood without first installing a complete foundation drain, French well system?

Thanks in advance for advice and referenced experience with this not too uncommon situation.

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Do the drainage first. Water is the enemy of houses. That moisture creates a great environment for termites. wood rot, mold, mildew, and foundation failure. Drainage work isn't much fun but since it's mostly shovel work it needn't cost too much. There's a forum here for that kind of thing where you'll be able to get some good advice.

Good Luck

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