Solid wood flooring


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Solid wood flooring

It is time to replace the 10 year old carpet covering the 750' upstairs of our home. I was planning to put in pre-finished 3/4" x 2.25" natural white oak, tongue nailed to the existing 3/4" plywood subfloor.

While looking at flooring I saw a display for the QuietWarmth electric radiant underlayment. Well now I want to put this in, but it requires a floating floor. Is there any reason I should not glue and float my floor over this radiant underlayment?

It may be desirable to lay a reflective heat barrier down first, since about half the footage is over the garage, and although the floor is insulated it gets colder than the rest of the upstairs. Then the radiant layer would go on top of that, the the finish floor. This may make it desirable to go with something less than 3/4" thick to avoid too much trim work.

Anyone have any experience with QuietWarmth or similar systems? Any opinions on floating this floor?

Thanks for the help,
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Solid flooring and radient in floor heating, don't go together too well. Solid is not stable enough to handle the drying effects of heat.
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Right you are. I have since learned that any floating floor will be an engineered floor. The QuietWarmth underlayment is .11" thick. I am looking at 5/16" to 7/16" floors with wood core for stabilization. They will require some additional underlayment to fill up the 3/4".

I also found that QuietWarmth is WAY expensive, so I am considering just sticking with the heat pump.
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I don't know how much QW is, we don't install it but Zmesh CAN be run directly under any hardwood without any effect. You can nail through it, screw through it anywhere. Or, just glue it down, whatever fits the application.

Zmesh will only get to a maximum of 85* and comes with a non-prorated 25 year element warranty and it is guaranteed not have any more/less effect on the wood than the manufacturer says their product will have naturally.

With or without radiant, make sure you maintain the moisture content recommended by the mfr.

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