Terrible "buff and shine" job!


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Terrible "buff and shine" job!

HI All,

I just had my 1/4 inch wood laminate floors "buffed and shined".
the "professional" said it would not be advisable to sand this floor d/t it "snapping" from the laminate being too thin. So he buffed the floors to scratch it up prior to laying a coat of oil based polyurethane down.
some of the areas were damaged from water and a few deep scratches were there. also the grain difference had some deeper areas in the soft wood.
after the first layer of poly I was not happy d/t the poly not getting into the deeper areas and there was sand in the poly throughout the floor along with some hairs.
I complained to the guy the next day he was to lay the second coat (he wasn't going to buff between coats until I complained about it!!) and he said this was normal and most of it coming from the air in the house. He knew of my dissatisfaction and said he would fix it.
After seeing the second coat, some of the deeper areas were filled in more but the sand in the poly was worse. there are small holes where the poly did not get into the deeper areas and small bubble-like holes from where the sand is coming up out of the poly. Not a happy customer.
1. Can my laminate floor be sanded down?
2. When laying poly on the floor will it fill in the deeper areas w/o leaving a depression?
3. Where is this sand coming from?
4. What should I do with this contractor? - have him try to fix the problem (which I really tried to tell him my dissatisfaction before the second coat) or get a new floor guy? I have not paid him yet.
5. Recommendations on finding a professional floor refinisher.
(this one had 2 very satisfied references that I checked out prior to working with him).

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I think you are expecting too much from an engineered pad recoat. To fix the issues you complained about you would need to have the floor sanded and refinished. If the contractor knows the thickness of the top layer and he says it's too thin for his ability, i would believe him. Water damage can really mess up an engineered floor to the point of no return.

As far as the sand. That should not be there in between coats. Check you homes air filter and the filter system used by the contractor.

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