Removing ceramic tiling over concrete base as prep for laminate


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Removing ceramic tiling over concrete base as prep for laminate

Hi all,

I have an area of about 60 sq. mtrs. to install laminate flooring. About half of this area currently has ceramic tiling mortared to a concrete base (the other half is cork tiles glued).

Thought about going straight over the top but the problem is the ceramic tiles sit proud of the cork ones by about 2mm.

My options:
1) Rip up both the ceramic and cork tiles back to a clean concrete base - hard to get flat due to the mortar??

2) Leave both in place and feather the height difference down with a levelling compound - how hard is this? should I do it? I am tempted as I think it would stop the problem of the moisture from the concrete....

3) get a professional and sit back and have a beer

What thoughts as too best solution? (BTW the ceramic area is getting a new kitchen in)

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Remove the tile...but the "Moisture problem" ?

I would vote for scraping down to the concrete....wear safety equipment...use a hammer to wack dead center on the tiles...they will break into pieces...depending on the bond this may be totally difficult or just a hard task. Invest in good scrapers or better go rent a commercial power chisel from the local rental place and talk to them about the scraping chiseling process.

]Your bigger task is the moisture problem. Don't put laminate flooring over a moisture problem...bettter go a pro to address that while you have a beer.
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The cork is going to swell with the added moisture of the cement compound... DON'T DO IT!!

Remove the tiles and mortar, which isn't hard, it is just time consuming.

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