How to cut pre-finished hardwood without splinters


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How to cut pre-finished hardwood without splinters

Hi all,
I'm going to be using 3/4" hardwood pre-finished oak (darkish color) floors for a bedroom flooring project. How can I avoid getting splinters at the ends with would show the natural wood? Perhaps the baseboard and quarter round would cover and splinters. I intend on using my miter saw. Will the purchase and use of a good quality finish saw blade result in no splinters or will I need to tape or sandwich the ends I plan to cut?

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Carbide Blade

Use a SHARP 60 tooth carbide blade (designed for finish work).

I suspect your miter saw has a automatic blade brake on it. Once you cut through the wood, release the trigger and let the blade stop before removing the piece to be saved from the cutting table.

This keeps the teeth below the cut and reduces the chance you will chip the finish. If you let the saw blade come back up while it is still rotating, there is the possibility you could chip or splinter the edge. It doesn't always happen, but waiting a second or two for the blade to stop isn't going to hurt and you will be sure not to chip or splinter any of the pieces.

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