HELP: Laminate or Engineered HD


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HELP: Laminate or Engineered HD

This is for a rental property, I would like a wood "look" but I am staying away from wood as it is more expensive and softer than the fake stuff from what I am told.

In my area we have Home Depot and Lowes of course. With that being said can someone recommend a product that will be able to handle:
Heavy traffic.
Low Maintenance as it is a Rental property.
Easy to install preferably with the foam under siding already attached.

I know I am asking for a lot, but I am hoping that you all can guide me in the right direction. Or if you have any suggestions for me I will consider.
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I would do a hard vinyl plank such as Mannington Adura or MetroFlor or Amtico for a rental property. Its very durable, easy to maintain (can be mopped), and super easy to replace damaged planks.
Laminates would be better than real wood for rentals but are still easily damaged by moisture. I wouldn't take the chance of an ignorant tenant mopping the floors and ruining my investment. Plus if a board is damaged on the vinyl you just pull the plank and place another on in its place. No unclicking half the floor to get to the damage like laminate.

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All our units had vinyl flooring when we built them. Ceramic is now a better deal for us and we replace the vinyl with ceramic when it gets damaged. We wouldn't even think of using any kind of wood or laminate product, the durability required for rental property just isn't there.

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