Caulking & molding for laminate flooring


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Question Caulking & molding for laminate flooring

I'm near finishing our first laminate floor install, in a bathroom. The room has a contoured tub, two wood walls, and two tile walls. (I know there are issues about water on laminate but it's just me and my wife and we're very careful.) I have two questions about the trim:

1. I'm putting silicone caulk in the gap between the floor and tub, as specified. For a more finished look and double seal I want to overlay that with a flexible vinyl molding, such as this: 7/8 inchX11` Bath Seal Trim MC15 by Myro Magic American |
First, can anyone recommend that this stuff works -- will it follow a curved tub and adhere well?
Second, is it okay to stick it to the floor? It won't interfere with expansion, right? Or will the molding warp as the floor expands?

2. I'd like to put quarter-round molding along one tile wall. I can't nail into the tile or the laminate, so can I use a not-too-harsh adhesive to attach the molding to the wall tile? If so, what would be a good choice of adhesive?

Thanks very much.
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1) I would probably go with another product for your needs. Only because that stripping sticks out onto the floor by about an inch, so every time someone steps on it, it tends to peel off eventually.

And also it sticks to both surfaces, and you really do not want to stick anything to the laminate. When the laminate moves it tends to separate anything that's connecting it to another vertical surface.

You might want to look into cove base molding, not only does this not have to attach to the floor itself, but it can make that curve your looking for too.

2) I've seen people use all kinds of things for this application, from carpet tape to Velcro.

What you might want to use if you do not want to damage the tile is a latex caulking adhesive, its very mild and works pretty well. The only problem is you have to hold it for a while.

The best thing to use is a polyurethane based adhesive, you can usually find these in the caulking aisle of the hardware store. A good one is called PL Construction adhesive.

Hope that helps a bit?.

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