Laminate flooring installation...


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Laminate flooring installation...

If I understand correctly, even though laminate flooring floats, I still need to install quarter-round or some other molding along the edges where the planks meet the walls. I will be installing it in a 23'x15' room plus an adjoining hallway. One of the walls has 18' of baseboard hw heating and another wall has 15'.The way it is situated, I do not have access to these two walls. The metal of the baseboard heat does not allow me to get close to the walls. I presume I should not glue or nail the planks along these two walls. What if I don't attach anything along these two walls? Will the integrity of the installation be compromised? Is there any other type of trim I can use and place as far under the heating as possible?
Thanks in advance.
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The quarter round or molding is used to hide the expansion gap (1/4" - 3/8") that is required where the floor meets the wall. I just remove the baseboard, install the floor, and replace the baseboard afterwards, but some people leave the baseboard and just install quarter round to cover the gap.

Can you slide the floor under your baseboard heating? If so, there is no need to use anything to hide it, or hold it down.

If you can do that, make sure you leave an expansion gap around any pipes that come up through the floor.


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