Solid hardwood thickness question


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Solid hardwood thickness question

We are looking to have installed some hardwood flooring over 3/4" tg plywood subfloors, parallel to the joists. Are there any practical differences between 3-3/4" X 3/4" in boards and 3-7/8" X 9/16"? The 3/4" is Bellawood golden teak and the 9/16" is Eco Timber woven bamboo (Janka 3000).

Any thoughts?

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practical difference

There is little practical difference. These are both beautiful woods that we have installed proudly. The stranded bamboo is very hard which means it can resist indentation, but surface scratching of the finish due to grit or sharp objects can still occur. Eco timber mainains a strict chain of custody tracking the lumber from harvesting, to milling, to completed product.

I think that to be happy with wood floors you have to ask your self a couple of questions. (1) if the floor gets a knick or scratch am I going to freak out. If the answer is yes-think laminate. 2 If you see ancient wood floors in an old hotel or church or museum that are just beat to death- and you think "wow this is really beautiful- you pass. Go ahead, install your wood flooring and enjoy!

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