Undercut door jambs - what tool?


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Undercut door jambs - what tool?

What's the best (reasonably priced) tool to undercut door jambs for installation of laminate flooring?

I've done a number of searches and there are lots of discussions regarding undercutting the jambs when installing laminate flooring, but what's the tool to do that? I'm doing 900 sq ft of floor, and have about 20 jambs to undercut. Figured I'd buy an undercut saw, then sell it used later. I've done a little looking at the big box stores and don't find them.

Suggestions on types, brands, where to buy?

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I'm not a flooring expert by any means, but the cheapest solution is a manual jamb saw. A jamb saw runs about $10-20 and is simply a long flat, very flexible blade saw, often with teeth on both sides of the blade to provide for faster rips or more finished work.

If you've got a lot of jambs to cut and/or especially jambs in tight locations where it is difficult or impossible to use a jamb saw, I'd use a RotoZip with the ZipMate attachment. Probably will run you $100+ at the big boxes. I bought myself a refurbished unit - actually the basic RotoZip plus most of the available attachments - from an online retailer for about $50. At that price, you can afford to keep it! Not to mention, the variety of other uses you get with a RotoZip for around-the-house projects.
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A great saw for this purpose is a Bosch Fine Cut Saw. It has a couple of different style blades, and you can cut clean into angles and corners. The kit runs about 150 bucks, and you will find other uses for this tool. You should be able to find this saw at big box stores that carry Bosch.
I doubt if you will find a true power under cut saw at big box stores. It is really a specialty item and sells in the 3-400 dollar range. You can rent them at a good rental shop.
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I just bought a manual Craftsman 3 blade saw. It includes a wood saw, japanese style 2 sided blade, and a drywall plunge saw. About $16.
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I know you asked for reasonably priced, but... The Fein Multimaster is great. Not cheap, but very useful. It cuts out door jambs like butter. I also use it to cut out my airvents in my floor, and for tons of other things. I use it to cut out the notches on my hardwood right there to place under the jambs. Sooo helpful... It can be used for so many other projects as well. It really made my first hardwood flooring experience manageable. (You can always sell it on ebay afterwards, but I'm keeping mine...)Beer 4U2
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Recently used a Dremel Multimax (Fein knockoff). It's very noisy, gets hot quickly, but cuts door jambs fast and easy. It's no Fein, but for $99 it might be something to consider.
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Just FYI, Home Depot's tool rental has undercut jamb saws for under $30 per day.

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