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Many threads about staggering here. Hope you all can consider one more.

I'm doing 900 sq ft of floor with 5" x 4ft laminate. I started out doing a 4 ft, then 2 ft, then 3ft, then 1ft stagger.. all rows starting from the same wall. I have about 90 sq ft done now, and looking back across it i wonder if I should have randomized the stagger more by using 6" or even 4 inch increments instead.

It looks a little too perfect with the 4,2,3,1 stagger. trying to decide if I should I pull up the 90sq ft and start over. Thoughts and opinions?
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I'm sure there are many ways to stagger the flooring. I think you started out just fine. What I would consider for the second set of staggering with the random length is to use the left over from the cut on the other end to start new course. You might consider mixing up the left over to the different pattern so that your final result can stay away from ladder pattern. I'm sure with a little imagination and the economical thinking you can make the project to be fun as playing puzzle rather than prefab-flooring type.
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The only problem I see in trying to make it "perfect" is you run out of longer wood. Don't try to make uniform staggers. Just make sure you have them. That way, you can keep your sanity.
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The eye and brain can see patterns. The house siding repeats every 5 courses, the board decking outside, as others said, just mix it up. There is no pattern in my 1910 2-1/4" living/dining room flooring, hence random. I wouldn't pull it though.
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And another note to further GBR's comments. Your brain will detect the change in the pattern once you run out of those longer boards and have to compress your staggering. Totally random is better.
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The cut off end, is used in its remaining length, to start another row, to get it random. Always starting with 4,2,3,1, will create a pattern.

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