Can I use existing overlay under carpet if I want laminate flooring?

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Can I use existing overlay under carpet if I want laminate flooring?

Hey guys. I'm attempting to change the carpet to laminate flooring to change things up. I am suppose to rip the old carpet out to the subfloor, clean it up then proceed to lay out the overlay. I lifted the carpet up yesterday and I saw that it already had a blue foam which I assumed was overlay and concrete was underneath it. The foam is in pretty good condition because my house isn't too old (6 years). Is it possible to use the existing overlay instead of buying a new one or am I suppose to get a specific type of overlay made for the laminate floors? Would save me time since it is already layed out and glued. I'm also assuming it's pretty clean underneath the overlay. Thanks
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Most laminate flooring uses a specific foam padding underneath it. I would recommend using the padding (or overlay as you call it) that the manufacturer recommends. Otherwise if something happens down the road to your laminate you may not get a warranty. This padding is set up with a specific thickness. It comes in rolls a certain width and needs to be taped on the joints or seams. It may require a specific tape as well. If the padding that was underneath your carpet is not the same material and thickness as I mentioned above I would not use it. Why not start out fresh with all new materials, it would relieve any questions and you will never have to think about it again. Besides, the cost of the padding is fairly cheap considering the job you are about to tackle. Good luck.
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Let me just add that the carpet pad is going to be too thick and soft for laminate. Also it will not provide any moisture vapor protection, and it would be cut too far from the wall.
Don't feel bad though, I had a customer tell me once that Empire estimated for them that they would install laminate over carpet and padding, with a concrete slab. Good thing they didn't get that job.
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lol.. laminate *over* carpet ? Incredible..

I agree with using the right underlay stuff for laminate. Even with the right thickness foam, we get some diving of the laminate floor near our heavy a/v cabinet. Visitors etc probably dont notice it, but I sure do. It would be *way* more noticable if the underlay was any thicker.

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