which saw & blades best for cutting laminate flooring


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which saw & blades best for cutting laminate flooring

I need to cut some laminate. I am sure there are better blades to do this with rather then the blades that came with the saws that I use to make rough cuts in lumber and plywood. Most of the cuts will be straight. Is a circular saw or jig saw best used. Any suggestions on blade type. I also have a small table saw but use it infrequently and prefer not to get any new blades for it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Home Depot and Lowes both sell blades just for laminate flooring, you should find them for under $20 too.

Just don't use a blade with big teeth as this will tend to tear your cut edges. A jigsaw will cut it too, but you will probably go through a few blades depending on your laminate flooring.
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I used a chop saw and found it killed the blades rather fast. A circular saw should work better as it will cut across the wood rather than pressing down through it. Make a couple of test cuts to choose the best side to cut from, usually the bottom with a circular saw. One of the alumunum 45 degree squares makes a good guide for quick cuts.

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If you use a table saw, it will cut nicely with just about any carbide tipped blade. Miter saws do not approach the piece from the right angle and that is why it destroys the blade.

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