Engineered click


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Engineered click

am looking at self installing approx 2800 sq ft of engineered click flooring but just read another member who is having problems with the "clicking"....

Is it likely I will be facing the same "clicking" problems...? At the store they go together so easily but can't envision why two adjacent boards would cause a joining board to be difficult.....

Have leveled the concrete....if it wasn't for the wife, right now would just paint the concrete....

BTW: Does anyone believe there is greater value from Lumber Liquidaters?

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I would not worry about it to be honest, I work with engineered floors a lot, both selling and installing and its very rare to see a problem like that previous poster listed.

If it goes together well in the store then it will do the same at your home too. I think one of the problems with the other post was the fact that the planks were 6' long, that's hard enough when installing real wood!.

I personally like Lumber Liquidators, Im usually on their site looking for good deals on flooring, then I purchase it and they have it ready for me in the store!.

It's worth checking them out anyway before you try other places. Lumber Liquidators
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Yeah, after the horrible experience of trying to get my flooring down, I looked for some video of this kind of thing being installed. My situation is clearly abnormal.
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I'd stay far away from the wood flooring that is peddled at Lumber Liquidators.

That Bellawood stuff is so poorly kiln dried and then milled, you will fight it all the way, because boards are different widths, once they are properly acclimate and come to moisture equilibrium. There is a reason they push the 20% over order for culling and waste, instead of the industry standard 5%.

The laminate they sell isn't too bad, but you will find pinhole wear layer issues and delamination in some of their low price exclusive stuff.

Liquidators, of old and discontinued stock and rejected 2nds, of name brand flooring, and bought out inventories of bankrupt businesses.

Buyer Beware!
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I don't know whether you'll take this as an endorsement or not (it looks like they're trying to address my problem with all due haste, so I guess they're doing ok), but BuildDirect has pretty good pricing, especially for large amounts.

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