Laminate in condo subfloor Please help


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Laminate in condo subfloor Please help

Hello I would greatly appricate some help.

I have recently purchased 750 square feet of quick step country 2nds. I am looking to install in my condo. My condo is above grade with a 8inch concrete subfloor. I was trying to see if anyone can tell my if I could just use a 6mil cork rather than a 3-1. I understand about moisture barrier but i taped down a piece of plastic and found no sweating. Not really worried about warrent bc there 2nds and ther is none.

Please help
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You can do whatever you want but if you want to eliminate possible issues why wouldn't you use a moisture barrier. Especially with 750sqft. Forget warranty, think about the hassle if something were to go wrong.
Using cork is fine, but put down a 6 mil poly underlay first. The poly is dirt cheap so cost shouldn't be an issue. Don't put a 3in1 down and then the cork underlay. Just buy the poly sheet.
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Do you have a downstairs neighbor? If so consult your HOA to get their recommendation.

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