About rug pads and wood floor


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About rug pads and wood floor

Hi all,

I'm getting to the end (!) of an installation and am in the process of readying things to go back in the space. I want
to put a rug down around the couch area and recently heard
that rug pads can be VERY bad on hardwood floors...apparently
some sort of chemical reaction that discolors the wood surface.

Is this true? Are there any kind of pads which are safe??
Any help GREATLY appreciated. I don't want to destroy what
I've done.

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The rug pad does not change the color of the wood. The color change is natural and is not occuring under the rug, but around it. All wood changes color to some degree due to exposure to UV light and oxidation.....when you have an area covered by a rug or low-lying furniture, it will not age at the same rate as the exposed areas. Area rugs should be taken up periodically to allow the floor to be exposed. It's also advisable to rotate furniture pieces occassionally. Areas that have been previously covered will eventually catch up in the aging process. Just make sure you get a rug gripper designed for hardwood floors, and a mesh-type construction is preferable to keep moisture from being trapped beneath. If you roll the rug and pad up out of the way when you do your regular vacuuming and mopping and leave it off the area for a short time, you should have no problems!

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