Adhesive remover for hardwood


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Adhesive remover for hardwood

I know this has been discussed before, but I'm hoping someone has some new "known to work" ideas.
I am removing 30+ year old tile from hardwood flooring. I have mastered the removal of the tile (thanks to a damp towel and an iron) but I'm having a hard time getting the remaining black adhesive off. I am currently using Goo Gone and alot of elbow grease. While it is working I wonder is there a better faster way?

If adhesive remover is my best bet, is goo gone what I should be using or another?
Also is there something better to wipe with then the white terry cloth rags? I am afraid to wash them (they are very black) and would rather not have to buy 100's of them to get this job done.
I have about 8 sq feet out of 300 finished and it has been a long, long day.

Thanks for any ideas!
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I don't have any great "known to work" tips, but I would caution you when working with that old cutback adhesive, as it likely contains asbestos. The only way to completely remove it is to grind or sand it, but then you get it airborne, so that type of removal should only be done by an abatement company.

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