Stained concrete vs laminate for office?


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Stained concrete vs laminate for office?

Im considering two options for the office area of my house - laminate or just simply ripping up the carpet and applying some kind of treatment to the concrete and then simply putting pre-painted quarter round along the bottom of the baseboard.

Reason behind just simply going with the concrete treatment is that there will be several very heavy items in this room that might warp the laminate over time. Not to mention, it would be an easy job for myself.

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i used concrete paint on my office floor. my office chair ate right through it and started eating the concrete.

i am sure a profesional finish would be much tougher. and much costlier .

i would say do tile. but getting the slab "flat" cab be a challange .
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I would go with a concrete stain, but I must admit, I'm a little biased. An acid stain will become part of the slab, not sit on top like a paint. Also, you already have a resilient floor, why cover it with laminate?

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