Kitchen Floors Refinishing Troubles... need help!


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Kitchen Floors Refinishing Troubles... need help!

Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and a first time home owner. I will give you a quick background of my story. While in the process to purchase my first home, we noticed that the sellers freezer was frosted over during an inspection. The sellers then defrosted the freezer, but let all the water run out onto the floor. Some of the clear coat started to come up on the flooring and the sellers had to pay to refinish the entire flooring.

We hired a local company to come in and refinish the floors, they are solid maple, and were originally stained a dark cherry finish. I later learned that maple is usually left a natural color, however we would have had to redue all the cabinets and paint if we chose not to restain it the dark cherry color.

So the company came in refinished the floor, the stain looked great, they got the color perfect, but when they started to put down the water based clear coat, it looked streaky and not smooth. They came back after I called them and applied another coat (think it was 4 coats total) but this time, there were still some streaks, some areas where you could tell the brush stopped, and some strips that still 'looked' wet.

Well they came back today and found out those strips that still looked wet were actually shallow dents that gathered more clear coat and looked shinyer.

So they decided today to start all over again and redue the floor from stratch. They will start it again this Friday.

They have been really great about listening to our concerns and trying to fix them. But I am a little worried about how they are putting down the statin finish, and that they are using water based products instead of oil.

Is there any advice you guys can give me to help me through this and make sure they do it right?


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Oil base poly dries slower but dries to a harder film = should wear better. I suspect the finishers like the water based poly because it dries quicker = faster turn around - less days on the job.

Have you talked to them about their choice of poly? I'm not sure what caused the streaks. Did they allow ample time for the stain to dry before applying the 1st coat of poly?

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