question on refinishing hardwood - help pls


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question on refinishing hardwood - help pls

Hello and thanks to anyone willing to give a newbie a hand...

Recently pulled up carpet - stained hardwood floor underneath - believe oak floors - half the floor okay other half of floor not so good ( some of the finish is gone and a few stains thinking from pets ) - think with refinishing would be great - or close to great -want to dark stain and finish

my question is - is it unrealistic to think that a female could handle a drum sander?? Ive read alot on the net and watched many videos - on youtube - and have yet to see a women appear on any of them. Ive also heard that the drum sander can be difficult to control - although ive seen men do it with one arm ? ( i know trained professionals ) Im not a princess by any means and know of a friend of a friend who says she did it - but im not so sure.

I tried to hire someone - but the price is way out of my league - and want to give the diy try

If not the drum sander - then could a belt sander do the job ( yes i realize this would take a heck of a lot longer ) if not that then what?

I watched the video on here with the man and the sander that has the three rotating orbitz - didnt look to hard - then again neither does the drum sander - Dont want to rent the sander and then find out - Just curious about the strength actually needed for the job?

Thanks in advance!
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Bump! I'm wondering the same exact thing.

Also, I have deep scratches on my floor due to weak movers trying to move a piano. Any ideas on those scratches if I don't want to do the whole floor?

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