Is this floor refinishing work satisfactory in your mind?


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Is this floor refinishing work satisfactory in your mind?

I had my red oak floors refinished in my 1923 house... I will make a long story short.

I spent days scraping the carpet glue (see pictures) from the floors in my dining room and living room. Next, I decided to hire a pro to sand and refinish... he finished the job today. The two rooms combined are approximately 350 sq feet and he charged $1,050. The floors look a bit wavy to me. I brought this up and he said that the drum sander follows the contours of the floor and that old floors can chnage shape over time due to the joists, etc. I was not comfortable paying, he got mad, blah, blah, blah,. I simply want other people to look at the floor before I pay in full. However, I offered to pay half and I did. Based on the photos, would you pay the remainder? Is this good work, average? I tried to select photos that show the waves. Using the slideshow function makes the photos large to see details. Oh yea, he said there is nothing more that he can do.

Thank you.

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i am not a pro. and looking at pics do not tell the whole story.

but from what i can see, that floor looks pretty darned good.
you have some GOOD looks wood there. once furniture is in there, i bet most of that will be unseen. could it be better ? sure. but what would that cost ?

i can not speak for you. but it seems to me, that your MAJOR problem, is keeping it looking THAT GOOD.

lets see what the pros have to say.
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I agree with Condo - the pics look good and you'll be surprised what you no longer see once furniture and a couple of area rugs get added to any room.

Was the last coat of poly a gloss finish? Your floor looks very shiny, could just be the sunlight coming through. If it is gloss and this still bothers you then you might be want to put on another top coat of a satin poly. That would make the shine go down but also reduce the look of the 'waves'
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I'm sure the flooring Pro's may be looks pretty good..IF it was done by a DIY'r. I mean it is an old house..but those grooves are more about not moving the sander correctly I would think If it was an occasional dip or something thats one thing..but that just doesn't seem right to me.

Personally, I think he should have been able to smooth out some of the "ripples" using one of the big vibratory sanders?

But then, I could be a raving

The price seems pretty good..but seems like the majority of that would be for the coating..not the sanding. Did he pay for the material?
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your not an idiot. and i agree its not perfect. and, that it could have been done better. but it still looks pretty good, to me.
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I see the slight waves you are talking about but I also see the grain of the wood. IMO I think it looks good and I would pay him in full. One the furniture is moved in and the cats run around, the waves will be minor.

BTW - Welcome!
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Thanks for all of the input. Pros at other sites said there was a problem with the drum sander, it was not balanced properly nd created chatter marks... or ridges. I paid the refinisher $550 and he has not contacted me for more money. I do not plan on contacting him.

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