Drab Floor


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Drab Floor

We have a walnut hardwood floor in our dining room that was installed about 21 years ago and it has started to look rather dull and dingy. There are also areas of the floor (corners, under the table) that have a small layer of crud. I was considering using something like this from Minwax:

Hardwood Floor Reviver - Hardwood Floor Finishing

Does anyone have any experience with this product. Also, what would be the best way to scrape the crud off the floor without actually damaging the floo itself?

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I would have to say..you are probably in dire need of a complete refinishing. There are specific cleaners that may help...but a sanding and refinish would probably be worth every dime.

Find a local independent flooring store that has been around a while and talk to them.

Some of the Pro's will be around later I'm sure.
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Wipe/scrub the floor with mineral spirits first.This is also known as paint thinner or varsol.Use 4/0 steel wool in areas of extreme dirt build up etc and rags elsewhere.This will remove wax,dirt,crud,grease etc without damaging the floor finish.This will allow you to see exactly what condition these floors are in and make decisions based on the real situation.

Once you've done this then the minwax product or others,refinishing or just a good waxing are all possibilities.
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I don't know how good the MinWax product works, but it costs less than $20. If it were me I would give it a shot before shelling out some serious money to have the floors redone.
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Don't use that, please don't! Do yourself a favor and get the floor looked at by a pro. The problem with those refreshers/rejuvenators is 1. They can be difficult to apply correctly and often streak or cloud over. 2. They usually contain urethane solids, meaning that if they are put on and look like crap, they can't be stripped off...they are in essence a permanent finish. 3. They aren't very durable....they look good for a short period of time, but need to be reapplied periodically.

If you've got 21 years out of the floor without having done anything yet, consider yourself very lucky.

If the finish is not worn through to bare wood, a sand and finish may not be necessary.....you should have someone look at the floor to see if just a recoat is a possibility. They would thoroughly clean and abrade the existing finish, then apply a new coat of urethane over the top. Far less messy and less costly than a sand&finish, and much more durable and long lasting than anything you will ever pour out of a bottle.

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