Extra Underlayment?


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Extra Underlayment?

Hey - We're headed toward removing ceramic tile and replacing it with laminate flooring. Due to the magnitude of the job, it's not going to be DIY, but I've got lots of questions, and no place beats here for good answers. Just two questions tonite -

1) The laminate will be installed on a concrete slab. The 10mm laminate includes an attached underlayment, but we are debating the wisdom of an additional underlayment, primarily for a little more cushion effect and perhaps a little more insulation against a cold slab. The contractor has suggested a 6mm cork, but it's expensive. I've found some references to an Armstrong S-1837 Quiet Comfort Underlayment that is much cheaper. Is the additional underlayment a good idea/bad idea? Will we realize any noticeable benefit for either cushion effect or insulation? Cork vs. Quiet Comfort? Any other thoughts?

2) The job includes a home office with an office chair on rollers. Will laminates stand up to the chair rollers or is a floor protector essential?

Thanks very much for any thoughts or feedback.
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My 2 cents:
1 - What does the installation instructions of the laminate recommend? Will adding additional underlayment void the warranty?
2 - Floor protector couldn't hurt but I would think the laminate would/should stand up to it. Not sure but are there different types of wheels that are better suited for laminate floors?

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