Hardwood floors and painting disaster


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Hardwood floors and painting disaster


We have a home that was built in 1969 with original hardwood floors. We had them completely refinished five years ago, sanded and three coats of poly finish applied. Last week we had some rooms painted and the painters put on one coat of latex primer on walls and celing and two coats of wall paint and one celing paint. Problem is they were pigs and did not properly cover the hardwoods... they continued to assure us that they would clean them up with an organic cleaner and would not harm he floors. Well, BS! They used a cleaner that has dulled the finish in some areas.. one area was slightly sticky a few days later. They are not willing to assist and we have with held payment. Can someone please give me some suggestions to save these floors without re-finishing? Hopefully it will not require me on my hands and knees as I am a young 57 years and really do not want to spend that much time on my knees.. Could they be buffed, like a car finish? If so, what would we use and how to do it? Rent a low speed buffer and use a buffing compound? Tell me what to do and I will get it done as we simply can not have them refinished again.
Thanks for any and all suggestions and take care.
Dan in Atlanta.
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I hate you had a job done by someone claiming to be a painter - obviously they were far from professional

Products like 'oops' and 'goof off' do a good job of removing dried latex paint although I fail to understand why they didn't wipe up the errant paint while it was still wet - but you did say they were pigs

A little bit of wax might restore the shine. Do you know what product [s] they used to remove the paint?

I'd consider calling in a floor finisher and see what he has to say. I would not pay the so called painters until this issue is resolved! ...... and deduct any costs incurred fixing their incompetence.
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From a documentation standpoint, you might be better of paying a contractor to work on the floors so the bill can be used to substantiate your case against the painters
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Marksr and Mitch17:

Thank you very much for your comments. We have not and will not pay a penny. In hind sight, I should have been on top of this but these guys came "highly" recomended by a soon to be x-friend.
I am not sure what she used to clean up, and again should have asked... Plain and simple I was just too trusting.

I am going to have a floor guy come in and tell me what he thinks should be done and hopefully he will have an idea of something I can do myself. If not, I will doll out the cash and document it with a ton of photos, just in case they try to do something in small claims court.

It ticks me off that I allowed this to hapen, because the ultimate responsibility falls back on me, the home owner to make sure the project is going as it should and if not, kick them out of the house.

I guess this is what they call an "AFGE".. Another fu**ing growth experience.. and they are usually costly and painful.

Anyway, thaks again for your help and support.
Take care
Dan in Atlanta
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Dan, they probably used some solvent (mineral spirits, turpentine, etc.) that has clouded the finish. Sanding and refinishing shouldn't be necessary. You should be able to have the existing finish screened and recoated to restore the shine, and that should run you somewhere in the $1.50-$1.75 a s/f range.

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