creaking wood floors over reinforced concrete

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Hi. I recently purchased a home where there are wooden floors that are glued onto reinforced concrete, apparantly both on the first and second floors. The floors are slightly buckled in places, but the most annoying part is they creak horrendously; it seems every step results in a creak.

Is there some way to correct this problem without ripping up the entire floor and regluing the wood?

Thanks for your consideration

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Here is a reply I composed for a similar question from someone else. It may apply to your situation as well:

It sounds like an interesting construction system. I would suspect that there must some sort of nailing layer between the oak flooring and the concrete. It would be typical on a tounge & groove flooring system (I'm assuming that is the type of wood floor you have) to have wood "sleepers" fastened to the concrete and then have the T&G nailed to the sleepers. I can't think of a way to fix the problem short of tearing it up and starting over. If there are indeed sleepers (or some other type of nailers) on top of the concrete, you would have to take up the T&G to get to them to re-fasten them. If the T&G was just glued to the concrete, I can't come up with a way to re-glue it without removing it either. If you were going to cover the wood floor with carpet and just wanted it to quit squeaking, you could possibly put enough Tapcons (special concrete screws) through the wood flooring to make it quiet down, but it would of course destroy the look of the wood flooring. And chances are that you would only be able to silence 90% of the squeaks, leaving you going batty over the irritating squeaks even AFTER you went through all the time and expense of redoing your floors. I wish I had better news or advice, but with the info you sent, that is the way I see it. Let me know if I haven't fully understood your predicament and if I might lend further insight with more info from you.
Oh yeah, the flooring that is warping is probably caused by moisture coming up from the concrete to the unfinished underside of the wood. The floorboards are cupped "up" right? A complete system installed properly would need some sort of moisture barrier on top of the concrete and below all the wood members. If there is excessive dampness, it might also require applying a varnish to the underside of the wood flooring strips to minimize moisture movement through it.

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PS: If there are other houses in your area that were built with similar construction, you might be able to get some input from other homeowners, realtors or contractors on how they dealt with this condition... floor squeaks drive everyone nuts!
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Hi Stuart:

Squeeks drive everyone crazy. The previous suggestions are obviously the best and could prove to be very expensive.

If you're going to keep the wooden floors, talcum powder sprinkled and swept into the cracks in the floor will provide a temporary solution. The talcum acts as a lubricant and stops the annoying squeek.


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