cork flooring subfloor question

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cork flooring subfloor question

I have an 1880's New Englander that currently has vinyl flooring in the kitchen that I hate (both for aesthetics and the difficulty in keeping it clean). I'm leaning towards cork as a replacement. My dilemma is this: my current floor is 2 layers of sheet vinyl over 1/2" plywood underlay over vinyl tiles over the original plank subfloor. The vinyl tiles immediately over the subfloor look old enough to contain asbestos. To add to the complexity, the dishwasher is currently already blocked in by the plywood and 2 layers of sheet vinyl. I'm planning on also replacing the countertop and can therefore raise the height of the countertop to accomodate bringing the dishwasher up level with the floor. My options as I see it are:
1. Remove sheet vinyl and plywood, leaving vinyl tile intact and install cork floating floor over vinyl tile. This would mean raising the height of the dishwasher about 1/2".
2. Remove sheet vinyl and plywood, lay down fresh 1/4" underlayment and lay glue-down cork tiles. Would need to raise dishwasher about 3/8".
3. Leave all existing flooring in place and lay floating cork over the whole shebang and raise the dishwasher an inch.

What makes the most sense???
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I have a somewhat similar situation in my kitchen, though somewhat less complicated. I have 3 layers of vinyl tile over concrete slab. The bottom layer tested positive for asbestos, the top layer is in bad enough condition that I didn't want to try to put anything on top of it, and the middle layer is really old and looked like it would be really hard to get up. So I'm biting the bullet and just having it all ripped out by a professional asbestos remediation company. It's more expensive, but not too bad when you factor in the headaches it will save me on future flooring/kitchen remodels which I plan on doing. In your place that may not be an option, but I hope it's going well!

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