Hardwood - laying over old floor?


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Hardwood - laying over old floor?

Hi all,

ok, so I made a post before about laying laminate over an existing hardwood floor. The post is HERE.

After MUCH deliberation I have decided to go with hardwood. I have 2 questions if that's all right.

1. Looking at 3/4 inch thick, but I am also wondering if thinner matters? My concern is stability. If I can use a thinner board it would help with the levels.

2. Should I cross lay with the existing boards? I wonder if that will be more stable in the long run.

Oh, the floor of choice is BR-111 Tiete Rosewood. If anyone has any comments they would be welcomed.

Thanks a lot!!!!

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Hugh, if you're looking to install a solid hardwood over the existing hardwood, industry standard is to lay 1/2" plywood first.

You could try to install directly and run the two floors in opposite directions to try to add stability, but laying two solid 3/4" floors on top of one another is asking for trouble due to the dimensional change of solid floors.

If you want to do new hardwood, it would be advisable to due an engineered floor. Either float over the existing hardwood or, if you are opposed to floating, you could go with the plywood sub, then staple or glue an engineered floor, which would help somewhat with the height issue as opposed to 3/4" solid.
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What is floating? Could someone point me to a link to describe what this is and why it would be needed or desirable? Thanks.

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thank you floorguy, I think I will lift the old floor.


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