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I need the advice of a flooring expert, cuz all the DIYers I have talked to so far have been of no help. ANYhoo, I am removing the flooring from my bathroom, and found some rotted underlayment. Well the Subfloor is made up of 7" x 1/2" boards run diagonally over the joists. Then on top of that, I have the underlayment. Here is where I have my problem. I have now scraped out a 2' x 2' section of the floor to see what I am working with. The "underlayment" we'll call it, is at LEAST 4 layers thick. But each layer is at best 1/8" thick. Has anyone ever seen this style of flooring? The house was built in 1963 if that helps any. I am just wondering if I should tear it all out and start over. What would my floor thickness have to be including subfloor and underlayment?? Any help is GREATLY appreciated.
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I've always heard that type of subfloor called car planks. You find alot of older homes with this type of construction. Idealy you would want to get all the way down to bare subfloor. The problem is with old vinyl, you may be looking at a floor that has asbestos in it. As long as you don't sand or saw it, it's not a health issue but a liability issue. The EPA storm troopers tend to frown on home owners removing this stuff. Some home owners have been known to rip it out without the required act of congress, but as a contractor I can't advise you to do that.

For underlayment, you want to use plywood that is finished on one side and has no voids. You can usually pick up specialty vinyl underlayment at any flooring supplyer (e.g. Brinkman or Duffies, not Home Depot or Ace).

The thing you are shooting for is a subfloor that is dry, flat, and sound. Hope this helps.

Scott www.stephensfloor.com

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