Transition Dilemma


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Transition Dilemma

I recently installed laminate flooring on my main floor.

Everything has turned out beautifully, except for one “loose end” I am trying to wrap up to complete the project.

Here are some images that help convey my dilemma:

As you can see our stairs are going to remain carpeted. The problem is the extra 2x4 that overlaps that top step. A finished stair nose will not cover as much as it needs to.

Has anyone run into this problem with this transition?

Any advice would be much appreciated as I have exhausted any ideas on getting this done.


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If I'm correct in what I am looking at, it seems as if the top of the stairs leads into a hallway, perpendicularly. Not that it matters, I just want to be sure I am looking at everything correctly.

I see a 2x4 indeed, just don't know why it would be there.

Either way, it looks as if you have at least a 1 1/2" distance to trim out above the step. So you need something that is a finished 90 degree piece that is long enough to cover downwards to the carpet on the riser of the step, and to the middle or so of the threshold to cover the floor.

I think you are going to have to use your imagination on this one. They do sell metal or tin tread transitions that come in gold, silver, black, etc. They are very simple to install but I don't think it will be easy to find something that will cover this piece.

using something like corner moldings will be difficult. For one, trying to find something big enough will be difficult, secondly, it won't wear well, especially if it's pine. It most likely will be bulky and look less than pleasing.

So, you have to think about some options. I personally think the metal or tin trim that is standard will look very good, you just have to find a piece large enough. That might not be possible, so, in order to use one that isn't large enough, you may be able to trim out the riser of the stair case (to the very top) with a piece of trim so that the metal finished strip will reach.

You could use a piece of extra flooring. Rip it down to the width of the space from the top of the carpet on the riser to just below the floor. You want the finished side to match up with the carpet to create the cleanest look. I would attach it with glue and a few pin nails or brads. Be sure to cut it large enough so that you can "press" it into the carpet for a tight clean fit. You won't attach it to the carpet, but carpet is spongy and if you can get a good clean squeeze the whole length evenly, it will look very fluid.

I would also install one last piece of flooring on top of that 2x4 by ripping a piece and installing it correctly using the tongue and groove side just as if it was a regular piece of flooring. Meaning, finish your install through the top of that 2x4.

From there you can install the metal stair trim which shouldn't reveal anything other than a clean transition.

Best case scenario I can give you from my view point right now. Good Luck!

Edit: The stair trim I am talking about, just to be 100% is this...

These are top nailed into the floor with decorative nails. be sure to pre drill since you will be nailing into finished laminate. The one I linked to is silver or matte metal, but you can purchase gold. You can buy these at any hardware store. I think this will look really good.

One more piece of advice... when you do finally get to cutting that metal trim, cut it a tad long. It's a little flexible, so when you install it, place one end on either side then bend it up a little to get the other end in, then press it down. The tension will create a much better look and hold everything together much nicer without ever having to worry about it coming up or moving on you.
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Install the stairnose provided by the manufacturer, then rip a piece of the flooring to the width needed, use it as a fascia below the stairnose.

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