using foam pad for applying polyurth.


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using foam pad for applying polyurth.

It seems hard to see exactly where you have been when you are applying water based poly on a floor with this foam pad on a broomstick.
It is really smooth on the floor but I cant really see exactly what got covered and what didnt. Any tricks to this..??
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Work in a simple pattern and keep a steady pace. It doesn't hurt to glance around a visuallize the route you'll take beforehand. The previous coat should also be a bit deglossed from the scuff sand.

See I couldn't resist sneaking in a little reminder to make sure you're scuff sanding between coats. Terrible.

Perhaps you could use portable work lighting to your advantage if nothing else.
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actually under it is a coat of amber shellac I used for stain..I sanded it good
and this red oak has a toffee look which is good. Another layer of shellac
would have looked good but I am totally burnt out on this project which
started 5 weeks ago. I am only doing 1 coat of poly also but can always come back later and add more. One advantage of a minimal finish..
it can be redone easy..
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Mick's first paragraph says it all! The fresh/wet poly will be shinier than the underlying finish. As long as you keep moving, you shouldn't have any problems remembering and seeing where you've been

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