Sanded floor stain prep

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Sanded floor stain prep

over the weekend i sanded 3 bedroom floors, a hallway and some stairs totaling 500 sqft. i used a drum sander from 36-60-100 grit along with an edger.

ive heard i should get a large buffer and screen the floor with 100 grit to blend the sanding from the edger and the drum or when i finish it i will see a halo around the room due to the different sanding patterns.

what can i do to fill the nail holes? i want to stain the floors dark. the hallway had a runner with lots of tack holes and there are also lots of nails the previous owner put down to stop the floor from squeeking.

is there a way i can take care of the rest of the floors that squeek? is it just a matter of driving more nails into it?

also is there a decent way to check for scratches left from sanding? i want to stain the floor dark and want to make sure i dont see any inperfections from sanding. i believe the floor is original 40-50 year old pine.
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If you took your time with the 100 grit you should have no scratching. The best way to see is to wipe areas with mineral spirits, it will not raise the grain and you will see what the wood looks like if you were to put a clear coat, it will highlight any uneven color in the wood. If you stain dark you should be able to even the color as you go providing you use an oil stain, the waterbased stain and poly in one are a nightmare to get even without lap marks. Make sure you apply a seal coat of finish poly thinned 1 mineral to 4 poly after the stain BEFORE filling any nail holes or the filler will darken the area around the holes and look like filled dark holes. Once the seal coat is dry fill holes and scratches with a filler that sets hard and you can color to match the stain. Then finish with 2 or three coats of clear poly unthinned.
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HI there. Boy dark stains suck!! They show every imperfection. Good idea by the other poster to check scratches. You have to really take your time getting these out. Also it depends on the species of wood. Harder woods are a little more forgiving, but pine is soft and is tough with a dark stain. I remember a job I did with pine, used a palm sander with 100 grit and it still showed the little swirl marks (that job stunk too!)
I always use an 18" buffer to buff the area after sanding.
For filling, you have to get a filler that takes stains accurately. Thats the key. Just remember, don't stress yourself being perfect, character in your floor is OK!
For squeaks, can you access the joists underneath the floor? If you, you could put shims between the floor & joists or even screw up into floor. If not, nailing/screwing may be your only option.
Good luck and enjoy that "character"! Greg

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