Problems with Bamboo floor


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Problems with Bamboo floor

Hello everyone, I am new to DoItYourself, and I am also new to the world of doing house repairs myself to save money, time, and to gaining some much needed insight to become handy around my home.

I am starting to have problems with my Bamboo floor in my home. Some of the pieces of wood are not sticking. The floor was glued down when it was laid less than one year ago. The wood pieces that are not sticking seem to be isolated to a few areas, and they crack when stepped on.

No water was spilled on the floor. The only thing I can come up with is the hot climate. I am also worried about more pieces of flooring doing the same in the future, and I am also worried about the pieces becoming loose and hurting my kids.

Can the loose pieces of wood be fixed?

Any insight into the problem will be greatly appreciated.
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The bamboo flooring wasn't glued to the subflooring (please say it wasn't), but glued on edge to hold it together. The floor must float. With that said, how close is the flooring to the walls? Pull a piece of shoe molding. You should have at least 1/4 to 1/2" space all around the room. If not, the floor is expanding and causing the buckling.
Now your moniker is related to Chicago, then you state the hot climate. Your profile only says USA, so where are you? What type heat/cooling do you have in the room? Chicago has two seasons.....Winter and the 4th of July.
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Thank you for your response. The floor is completely glued down. The company that came in and installed the floor assured me this was the best way to install Bamboo flooring.

Was I wrong to believe this company?

I live in Florida, and the floor under the glued Bamboo flooring is terrazzo.

Under further inspection today, the problem areas are confined to 4 areas, but these areas are high traffic areas.
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Not all Bamboo floors have to be floated....glue-down installations are quite common. Your issue is likely caused by one of two possibilities.

First of all, you're on terrazzo, so cleaning and prep of the surface are very important and if not done correctly can cause an adhesive failure. If they did not remove any previous sealers or contaminants completely, the glue may not adhere.

The other issue, more common, is subfloor flatness....if they didn't check the flatness and correct it, you may have hollow spots develop due to the floor bridging high/low areas.

Generally, you have two repair options. You can drill into the boards and inject adhesive below to fill voids....Dri-Tac makes a repair kit specifically for Bamboo DriTac Flooring Products, LLC

The other option is to do plank replacements.....remove the loose boards, clean the adhesive from the subfloor and address any issues, then reinstall new boards.

Good luck.
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This was installed less than a year ago? I'd call the installers and have them fix it on their dime, this sounds like a poor job on their part.

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