Hardwood Floor Question


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Hardwood Floor Question

I have gorgeous (to me!) hardwood floors and I want to make sure they are properly maintained. They look great and I wouldn't do anything to them, but there are a few high traffic areas where the coating is really wearing through. The floor guy recommended to me said that he can't really do recoating for spot areas: he needs to do whole rooms. My wife is worried that doing whole rooms comes with a lot of risk that the whole thing will look bad when we're done. So, some questions (and thanks for the help!):
1) Can spot refinishing be done or is the floor guy right that it needs to be done in whole rooms?
2) Can I just do spot refinishing myself and, if so, what should I do?
3) Is there any risk with a buff and recoat that it will look worse when we're done, or that we'll regret doing it?

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It can be very difficult to just sand and touch up an area in the middle of a room. I wouldn't expect there to be any issues with doing the whole room. Remember your the guy with the check book - if the refinisher doesn't do a good job, make him fix it before you cut the check.

The hardest part for a diyer would be the sanding. You need to sand off any failing poly and scuff sand the rest. Don't forget to remove ALL the sanding dust! Then it's just a manner of applying the poly... just make sure it's compatible with what is already on the floor. If the current finish is water based stick with water based but if it's oil, it's better to stick with oil base poly.

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