laminate buckling alternatives


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laminate buckling alternatives

I had a laminate floor installed in the kitchen, dinning room, entry-hallway and familiy room. After installation I had a bar cabinet installed on top of it between the dinning room and family (foyerlike area), now the floor is buckling. I can not removed the cabinet in that it has a granite top and backsplash attached/glued to the wall. Any suggestions on getting the laminate unbuckled without removing the cabinet???
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First, welcome to the forums

Second, this is a spot where some pictures would help - do you have any you can post?
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You said this is a laminate floor...I hate to assume, but typically laminate floors are installed as floating this floor floated? If so, the likely cause is the cabinet you've installed on top of it. Floating floors must have expansion space around the perimeter and at all vertical obstructions, and cannot have fixtures permanently installed on top of the floor. By installing cabinetry, you have "trapped" the floor in that area...the floor cannot expand and contract freely, resulting in the buckling.

At this point, the best option is to cut an expansion gap around the bar cabinet, allowing the floor to float freely and then cover the gap with quarter round or other molding. If the floor is not permanently damaged, it may relax to it's original position and lay flat. If, after correcting the expansion space, the floor does not return to flat, it will need to be taken up and re-installed properly.

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