polyurethane - are different brands different colors?


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polyurethane - are different brands different colors?

We had a hardwood floor professional sand down and coat our yellow pine floors with oil-based polyurethane three years ago. They are beautiful gold/red boards that almost look like cherry.

Now I have ripped out linoleum in the kitchen, sanded down the floor, and applied two coats of Varathane oil-based "Clear Satin." Since we removed a wall and replaced it with a peninsula, I want the floor in the kitchen to match the floor in the dining room. They appear slightly different in color, though...basically just lighter. I'm not quite getting the same depth to the golds and reds that the other guy achieved.

Can different brands of polyurethane be slightly different in color? If so, can I apply a different brand on top of the two coats I've just applied? Or will it not matter--is the color tone set by the first layer that absorbs into the wood? If it might help to switch brands, what brand might be a deeper golden color and are there brand compatibility issues?

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All oil based polyurethane will get a deeper yellow over time. It is just because the other finish is 3 years old. I don't know if the new floor will ever match the old one. We'll need a pro to chime on that.
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Pine also darkens with sun exposure, so if this was under something else for a while, I would expect it to be lighter in color
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Oh, right. Both of those explanations make sense. Thanks, as always, for your helpful replies.

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