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Need help figuring out what kind of Laminate Flooring transisiton piece to use?

Need help figuring out what kind of Laminate Flooring transisiton piece to use?


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Need help figuring out what kind of Laminate Flooring transisiton piece to use?

I have a 10 foot wide opening between two rooms. One room is berber carpet and the other is linoleum. Currently there is now a one piece vinyl strip about 1" wide that handles the transistion between the carpet and linoleum.

The berber carpet will be replaced very soon with QuickStep 7mm laminate and 2mm underlayment. QuickStep makes a multifunctional molding that can serve as either a square nose, t-molding, and a reducer. It is called Incizo and it's maximum lenght is 83 inchs so that means I would need to pieces at about 80.00 per piece. I really do not want to spend 160.00 on something that will have to be ripped up in a year and replaced again. Plus my wife is not crazy about having a seam between the two transisiton pieces, she thinks for 160.00 we should be able to find something that is 120 inch and all one piece that we can use for a year.

The reason is that next year when budget permits we are going to replace the linoleum in the other room with laminate flooring and at that time will put in a T transisiton piece purchased from the manufacture, we do not want to do this now because there transisiton piece is expensive.

So just looking for suggestions from anyone who may have has this same issue.

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transition moulding

Hey millhouselives, my name is George and I work for a Chicago area Home Depot. In my opinion when you decide to start on installation of your QuickStep flooring you should consider turning a grooved side of your laminate toward your existing transition piece. In that case on your next installation (kitchen) you will be able to snap in your new laminate instead of your transition piece. As far as what to use instead of the T molding I would go with a long piece of unfinished ranch casing that you can sand down with belt sander to the desired thickness and finish to match your flooring. Hope that helps and good luck with your project.
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I think there are several possibilities that would be cheaper than the incizo molding. Stores like Home Depot have an assortment of moldings that can be stained and finished. Maybe you can find one that matches close enough, plus you can get a piece long enough to do it with one piece. Also, any molding that can be bought, can also be made from stock lumber with a table saw and a belt sander. A simple L molding would protect the edge of your floor, wouldn't look as nice as a reducer , but would do the job.
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The choices of cheezy transition pieces at the big box stores is......well cheezy. I always make my own, regardless, but having a full shop helps.
As you floor the first room, allow the tongue to protrude into the opening and temporarily place a wooden transition across it without damaging the tongue. You can use one of the cheezy ones for now. When you are ready to proceed into the other room, remove the molding and it's keeper, and keep on rolling.
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Hi All and Thank you for your replies,

Well, my wife has voted and style wins over substance, in other words she would like the transition to look good. I have to agree most likely it will be a year before we can do the other floor. And since we have spent some good money on the flooring itself it makes sense to have it "all" look good when done.
I would not mind making pieces as I have had some carpentry experience in the past...but I do not have tools anymore.
But, having reviewed the "Incizo" transition piece I think I will be able to use it twice. If you are not familiar with how it works you can check video on you tube that shows how to install, etc.
One piece can be used as either an end piece, reducer, or T. This is accomplished by using a cutting tool that comes with the �Incizo� molding. Depending on what type of transition moulding you need you just use the cutting tool to shape it for your needs.
My thought is I will install the transiston piece as a reducer for now and then when I get ready to do the other floor I will use the cutting tool that comes with it and cut it to shape into a T. I relize the once I snapped the piece into place I would not be able to start a cut on the end with the tool, so what I am going to do is now just before I install it is use the cutting tool on one side to shape it as a reducer and then start the other side using the cutting tool as a �T� for the first six inch�s or so. Then the cut section which will be against a side wall will be cover over with a small table with a hanging tablecloth that will hide the exposed cut until next year.
So if all goes well I should be able to use what I install now next year when we do the other floor, or if some have suggested I can rip it up and just continue with the next flooring into the next room by just snapping/clicking new flooring piece into the next room. I am not sure how that would look since the living is going to be a �golden oak� color and my wife is thinking of a square tile design in �black opal� for the kitchen. Not sure how it would look , does anyone have this type of installation with two completely different colors and no transition piece, any pictures?
Thanks again for all your help�oh�I am posting one more question in a separate post regarding heavy objects on the flooring.

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