Well Isn't This a #%#%#


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Well Isn't This a #%#%#

And that's the only way to describe it.

Here is the summary:

-Bought some bamboo flooring.

-Found an installer for bamboo flooring. Advertised himself with "lots of experience and references. He even had a flyer.

-Agree upon a price and start date. Manufacturer had recommended gluing. He bought first pail of Florcraft Hardwood Floor Adhesive. It's urethane.

-Did the first section. Saw some fingerprints from glue...he said he had to get another cleaner, don't worry about it.

-Did second section. Worried about fingerprints. He said "don't walk on it for 24 hours" and then said "the glue can be wiped off tomorrow. get this cleaner". I actually(and stupidly) offered to do it.

-Got cleaner, started trying to clean fingerprints(smudges), which had gotten much, much worse on the 2nd section. They don't come off.

-Next morning waiting till he got to my house and told him there is obviously a big problem. Sent him a link about Bostik's cleaner, how it works good, and that the CONTRACTOR, not the homeowner, should be worried about this.

-He packed up and left the job. Said it's my problem, he's not doing it, and tried to blame me.

-Unfortunately he had been paid daily, $300. 2 days in. Glue everywhere.

-Got Bostiks, didn't work well. Then got goo gone, appeared to work, but not very well. Bought mineral spirits, didn't work well. Bought an auto buffer, used with Bostiks...working well, but not great. Tried 600 grit sandpaper, plastic scrapers... Right on the back of the adhesive pail it says to remove glue immediately. Reading must not be his strong point. I didn't know anything about floor adhesive.

So...now what? Keep scrubbing by the inch? I can't say enough how bad it looks. We now have to hire someone who knows what they're doing to nail down install. Do we keep trying, or sand the whole frikkin floor and start over?

I've threatened to sue. So far he's only offering $200 back. I don't want him back in my house.

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You'll be lucky to get the $200 back, so take it. He has no intention of coming back to correct the error, and I doubt a court order would make his knowledge base expand beyond what it is now. He probably has nothing and the $200 will buy cleaner.
What thickness is your bamboo? I have laid nearly 1000 feet this past summer in several locations which was 5/8" thick tongue and groove. I changed the foot on my hardwood stapler and stapled it down. All the applications look good, so I was wondering about which product you laid, and how thick it was.
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I'd take the $200 and then take him to small claims court for the rest. I would also check to see if he's licensed, if it's required where you live. I woud do everything that I could do legally to make his life miserable.

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Yep, it's 5/8 tongue and groove.

The guy that's going to finish it will only nail. He hasn't given me a price yet though.

Spent most of today letting Bostik's sit on it- and used an auto buffer to work on it. Definitely an improvement, but i'll bet it takes 3-4x, very slowly, to get it done.

The bamboo is B grade- has some checking- and I knew that beforehand. We're not sure we're staying in the house forever, so I didn't want to go $5 or $6 a sq. ft.

Haven't seen the check yet.
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Take plenty of pictures before finishing cleaning. Did you pay by check? Has the checks cleared?
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So now I've spend an entire weekend with the auto buffer trying to get this crap off. It's definitely better, but in the light you can see a LOT of little smudges everywhere. This seriously sucks. I don't know where to go from here.

Does anyone think a big floor buffer would work? I can get one for free.

I also don't know what to do about the installer. The whole wasted weekend while doing this I was thinking "why should I be doing this??"

We could sand and restain. But that costs money. And labor. And time...

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