Laminate Flooring over Truss Floor


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Laminate Flooring over Truss Floor

I have truss floors in my house that are 24 in on center. As with all truss floors of this type there is a slight flex in the floor.

My intention is to put down laminate flooring over this area and am concerned about the flex damaging the laminate joints over time and also possible squeaking.

Should I be concerned about this, or should I do something else?
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Not all truss floors flex. If they cheaped out and installed to narrow a truss, used to long a span, did not use constrution adhesive when installing the subflooring and screw down the subflooring then yes they will flex. To stop it from flexing it would take attaching 5/8 OSB that gets constrution adhesive and screws attached to the webbing.
If the floors squeking now then before the floor goes in screw through the subflooring into the tops of the trusses then add a layer of 1/2 A/C plywood making sure not to have the seams line up with the subflooring below using 2" ceramic coated deck screws. Screw every 4 to 6" on the edges and 6 to 8" in the field.
We use a standup screw gun when doing all this but an impact drill will do the same thing.
What I would do is make sure to use the foam padding that's made for laiminate flooring and glue all the short butt joints when installing the flooring. I do this any way on any laminite because they always seem to come apart more at the short seam.

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